World-Class Taste & Tenderness

• Better-than-prime quality

• Unique, premium Wagyu and Wagyu-hybrid breeds offer exceptional

  marbling and tenderness

• Grass fed and corn finished for optimal flavor

Meticulously Cared For

• Superior genetics and a stress-free lifestyle yield remarkable beef

• 600 acres of natural grazing

• No hormones

From Our Family to Yours

• Uncompromising quality at every step

• Fresh from ranch to table

• Family-run, craft ranch

Explore Our Products

Ground Beef 10-LB Package

Buy in bulk and save with our Wagyu Ground Beef Bag. Perfect for the burger, meatball or meatloaf lover. You’ll receive 10 pounds of ground beef consisting of three grind options: fine, medium, & coarse.

Executive Gift 5-LB Package

This package is the embodiment of luxury and distinction, perfect for corporate gifts, business partners, and esteemed colleagues. When you want to make a statement of appreciation, there’s no better choice.

Rancher's Choice 10-LB Package

The Rancher’s Choice 10-lb package contains an assortment of sub primal cuts and grind of PRPB Wagyu beef hand-picked by Richard, founder of Palouse River Beef.

Corporate Gift 5-LB Package

Hand-selected for their exceptional quality, this selection of cuts is tailored for those who truly appreciate the art of grilling.

Not sure what product to buy?

Don’t worry! We have created an instructional, interactive, and user-friendly steer to give you all the information you need such as the descriptions of each primal cut, the cuts available from that section of the steer, and how to cook the variety of cuts that come from each primal.

Family Owned and Operated

Our cattle are fed and finished at our home in Eastern Washington

We hand feed our cattle every day making sure they are happy and healthy. Our family enjoys creating relationships with our cattle and loves spending time with them every day.


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