Our Beef is Grass Fed and Corn Finished

At Palouse River Premium Beef, we have a designated area of the ranch for our finishing animals in preparation for being harvested. To encourage healthy weight gain we also feed our cattle hay from local growers. We also hay our own pastures to feed our cattle during the winter.

The corn fed to our cattle for finishing is from Eppich Grain, a second-generation grain distributor located in the Columbia Basin. Eppich Grain is a family-owned business that sources locally grown grains and sells its products to farmers and ranchers throughout the region.

In order for the cattle to properly digest and efficiently gain weight from corn it must be cracked. The corn from Eppich Grain is stored in our large grain bin until we are ready to crack it. The corn is cracked using a roller mill and then we feed the finished product as a supplement to our animals as needed for healthy weight gain.

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