Meet Our Family

In Pearl Griffiths’ Perspective

Richard III

Dad has a deep connection with his cattle. If asked he can’t even talk about this connection without tearing up, hardly finding the words to describe it. He frequently asks himself what is so special that drives our passion for these animals. When dad is out walking with his girls he is in complete serenity. Being the instigator of our cattle business, he has been a passionate learner from the beginning of our operation here at Palouse River Premium Beef.

Richard IV

Richard is a graduate of Washington State University and is the Assistant Manager at the WSU Knott Dairy Center. Richard is in charge of documentation of the herd inventory and the data that is collected for herd evaluation and registration. He also collects samples for parent verification and testing for genetic defects. Richard is a valuable asset when it comes to the hands-on work around the ranch.


I am a graduate of Gonzaga University and am currently applying to medical school while working as a CNA in Colfax, Washington. I help manage the finishing pen inventory as well as act as a scribe during every cattle working day. In addition, I am a helping hand where needed such as helping with feeding and mending fence.


Ryley is attending Washington State University in pursuit of a degree in Animal Management. He loves spending time with the cows and being out on the ranch. Ryley is one of our lead cattle handlers reading the cattle and their movements as he cares for them.

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