Our Story

In Pearl Griffiths’ perspective

My dad, Richard III, was born and raised in Seattle, Washington raising us kids Richard, myself, and Ryley in West Seattle. For many years my family visited a six-acre property owned by a dear friend of the family. We visited for New Year’s Eve, Memorial Day, and the 4th of July every year in Samish Island, Washington loving the escape from the big city. My dad has told me that as he watched us play on this property, he thought to himself, “I want one of these.” After discussion at many family dinners, we decided it was time to look for our own piece of property. My dad and Ryley took about two road trips a year looking for the perfect place to call home. For many years we would discuss our dreams and aspirations for our future ranch including chickens, cats, timber, grasslands, water, and a couple cattle for dad. During our discussions, my dad would ask us what our desires and what our fears were regarding moving to a new place making sure everyone was on board with this big decision.

One day after 7 years of searching my dad and Ryley returned from another road trip with no luck. Their heads were hanging low when my mom suggested they look on the computer. Ryley helped my mom type into Google, “ranch for sale by owner.” This gorgeous property showed up, and it had everything we were looking for. The next road trip they had a mission to find this perfect property that was in Eastern Washington. They stayed at Union Creek Ranch owned by Penny and Jerry Gilchrist in Colfax, Washington. Unfortunately, they couldn’t find the property they were looking for. Contacting a realtor for help, the realtor said that the owner was too tricky to work with and they would find something better for him. Even though they couldn’t find the dream property that trip, they always swung back through Colfax, Washington to visit Jerry and Penny on subsequent trips. Loving the area, my dad subscribed to the Gazette, the local paper in Colfax, and decided to run an ad saying “Wanted: large family ranch for sale by owner, live water, timber, pasture. Would make a good neighbor. Refer to Penny and Jerry Gilchrist as a personal reference.” One day he received a phone call from someone saying they had his property he was looking for in his ad. After another call with this man’s wife, he typed the URL of their property website on his computer. His hair stood up, and goosebumps spread across his arms when he realized this was the same property he had tried finding so many years ago. It was meant to be. August 10th, 2012 we were packed and ready to go in front of what would be our old home in West Seattle. After a long U-Haul drive with a dog on our laps we arrived at our new home in Elberton, Washington. Following us over, our family friends of 25 years Barb and Alan, were instrumental in getting the ranch in more ways than we need to mention. When we arrived at our new home we were shocked to say the least. Our 1891 homestead was full of belongings from the previous owner and very filthy. After a lot of clean up and help from many hands we settled in that night excited for the days to come.

Shortly after moving, Ryley got his first rooster to add to his flock of chickens from Penny Gilchrist and named him Frederick. Dad no longer needed an alarm clock hearing Fredericks crows every morning.

Before we moved dad had read an article that sparked his interest in the English breed of cattle Red Devon, one that had not been commercialized. My dad called the author of this article interested in this breed. Ryley and him traveled to Little Rock, Arkansas to visit this cattle ranch and pick out the animals he wanted to purchase. During the winter of 2013 my dad, Richard, Ryley, and I built our first coral together. It was 17 degrees, and I was bundled in so many clothes and insulated boots I was probably unrecognizable. A couple months later, we received our first batch of Devons naming the bull Red Bull.

To keep Red Bull company in his off-season we were in search to buy a steer. Penny and Jerry Gilchrist referred us to Jerry Reeves, and we bought our first Wagyu steer that we named Mr. Black. After this purchase my dad investigated the Wagyu breed. With his growing passion for cattle, he grew our herd with further purchases creating the cattle business we now have today.

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