Cattle All-Stars

Every member of our herd has special qualities and different personalities. That being said, many of our cattle have names and are known for certain qualities. Below are a few of our Cattle All-Stars that have made lasting impressions on us.

About Stu

Stu was abandoned by his mother soon after his birth, so we took him in. He quickly took a bottle and identified the family as part of his herd. Now that he is a young adult, he respects us and comes lovingly for affection and pets whenever we are around. His favorite treat is cracked corn.

About No-E

No-E, one of the most identifiable of the herd, is missing something. She makes up for it ten-fold with her persona. From day one, No-E naturally didn’t have a left ear and she only listened to half of what you said. She stands out as an extremely caring, kind mother and member of the herd.

About Nubbins

Her first calf, Marge, was born on Easter and unfortunately, she had complications at birth. Marge had to spend some time in our living room while the vet came out that Easter morning. The vet said she would probably never breed again but she has bred back every year since.

About Rose

Rose was born underneath a rose bush which inspired her name. Rose is extremely attached to Ryley, the youngest of the three Griffiths kids. Whenever she sees Ryley, even from across the pasture, she does not hesitate to lazily walk his way and ask for pets.

About Ruby

Ruby is a loving friend of the family. She has a very calm and collected manner. She is open for pets any day of the week and she takes her role of being the matriarch of the herd very seriously. She is also the mother of C8, one of our first 50/50 Devon Wagyu animals.

About Beautiful

Dad knew there was something special in her from day one. It was love at first sight when he saw Beautiful as a calf. His gut feeling about her was confirmed when we discovered that she is a homozygous polled cow.

About Buttercup

When the cows are out on pasture, and we call our cattle call to signal our arrival, you can hear Buttercup bugling throughout the valley. She is one of the first ones there to enjoy their canola meal treats and lets everyone know that we have arrived with her amazing voice.

About Twinkle Toes

When dad goes down to the office to visit the girls (out to pasture) and does his whistle and his call “Goooooooood girls.” Twinkle toes comes dancing out of the woods, literally prancing her way towards us.

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